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Please set a google_api_key inside config.php
> How to get an api key for Gmaps









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The QR Code is a 2d barcode version of the barcode, known from product packaging departmental shop.it can be generated by best free Qr code generator The idea was developed to get free access for logistics department of industry. After the evolution of mobile phone use, people started getting update new technology from this people started to know QR code can be used for there own business or to get it for instant use to get the data of products.
Qr code generator with logo can also be generate
People started to pay money from QR code scan this was easy for businessman, as well as the payer and user of the QR code, get trust built for example suppose you want to pay for the product you have bought from the shop and you have no money in cash with you so for that you can pay money to the shop owner directly from your bank scanning QR code used by the shop this way payer is safe and feeling ease and secure to pay money and giving your data to it.
 "QR" full form is "Quick Response", which is used to access the information stuff in the Code. QR code Is now adopted by everyone using the mobile.

How do I create a QR Code?

Creating a QR Code is not a big deal in 2020 it takes only a few seconds.
Simply you have to visit Qrcodegenerator.site which is a best free Qr code generator website use to generate QR Codes, now choose the type of the Code you want to generate and then enter the data. Simply click on "Create QR Code", and your QR Code is ready.


First Qr code you can generate for free is “Link”

In this, you have to simply paste the link
And the best free QR code generator will be generated automatically


Second free QR code generator for “Location”

Please set a google_api_key inside config.php
You need a google API key which you can find out on youtube how to set up it and then use that location in Qr code you will get a guideline link of how to make Google API key




Third best Qr code generator is “E-mail”

 Enter the detail of the things you need to receive if some scan the QR code
An email will be directly fetched with the fill-up details so you just have to press the send button
The easiest way to consume less time of your consumer and make a deal fast with the latest technology also the consumer will get impressed with your service like this promptness



You will wonder what you can also generate a text QR code in qrcodegenerator.site “Text”

In this process, a common text or a common quote you want to take is generated which you can use by just scanning QR code.
It is very helpful when you are working in the marketing department at that time you can directly scan the code which gives you a text on the message you have to just send the message.
The text can be anything like address a product detail a greeting or anything




Generator for “calls” this will help you to generate the QR code for the mobile number so people won’t face problem in saving your number or type your mobile number directly generate the code people will scan it get the number on their screen and will contact you easily
Like phones, you can also write an SMS you want to receive for your clarification its simple as email just put your phone number  country code and message create QR code for it you will receive the SMS from this QR code when someone wants to Message with QRCode
This similar thing can be received via WhatsApp also you can create the message from QR code you can identify the things you want to analysis from the message you receive.





Generate a QR code for free paypal for your item and also the payment terms and full details of the product  you can find it out in the scan code picture with Qr code generator online

If you see all the pics of Qr code you will find the format of all the code is generated differently as we give you advance features of all the colors customize logo uploading logo resize precision and many more with the help of free QR code generator
You can also generate QR code for bitcoin, wi-fi and vi-card 

How do I scan a QR Code?

To scan a QR Code, need a scanner app on your smartphone. You can use various app find on play stores and apple stores. When you have installed one, on the application and keep the camera of your smartphone to scan the QR Code. Qr code generator is totally free


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